Clearing out and cashing in!

With Daddy Owl recently made redundant  our goals are now a little more challenging as money saving and living on a shoestring come into play… Challenge accepted!

This week our focus has been on sorting junk out to sell, i say junk, really i mean anything that we don’t use or need. We are keeping baby clothes, and items that may be useful if we decide to have more Owlets, but not much else.

We considered a car boot sale, but with Owlet being so little and

weather being so temperamental along with limited car space and Daddy Owl not driving we decided to use Facebook and local selling sites instead. Even though this may mean lower returns.

So far I’ve used excess baby items that were new to make 5 nappy cakes – i sold 3 of these for £5 each, and gave 2 to a heart charity for a fundraising event.

We’ve also sold:
A baby bath seat – £1

A keyring – 70p

Some nappies –  £13

Some old and broken jewellery – £2

An unwanted milk storage pot – £1

A lamaze baby spinner – £10


That’s £42.70 so far, which has really come in handy!

And we have a ton more stuff sorted to sell and donate 🙂

Ahhh clear outs are refreshing! Try it, you’d be amazed at the value of your ‘junk’!


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