About my blog…

So, by some random decision you made, you’ve stumbled across my blog….

Now in all honesty I don’t know whether to clap my hands in excitement, or run and hide in my wardrobe!

I really can’t promise you excitement, humour, or even great grammar or spelling.

None the less, Welcome to my blog… I aim to use it to share our families journey to a greener, cleaner and simpler life. To share our parenting style, our choices, and the reasoning with you. To share our story with you!

I will inevitably use it to rant and moan, but somewhere within that i will share what we are learning.  I hope if you do read it, that it will make you smile, giggle, maybe laugh a little. I hope it will make you ponder, think, even evaluate yourself a little. I hope it will infuriate you, move you, maybe even inspire you.

Well a girl can dream right?


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