Breastfeeding is not only best for baby…

When me and Daddy Owl decided to try for a baby, we had just got engaged. I’d been told previously it would likely take me longer to conceive than most, and we decided that then was the time for me to come off the pill.

Before i did however, i asked him his opinion on breastfeeding – he was honest in telling me he didn’t really know much about it, and so i asked him to research and come back to me.  Less than 24 hours later he came back to me and asked me to breastfeed any future Owlets, promising to support me in any way he could.

That was the day i truly decided he was the man for me. It re-enforced my love for him, and the first positivity of breastfeeding happened then:
It brought us closer together by reaffirming that our priorities matched.

It took many years for Owlet to arrive…

During that time i had a lot of chance to think about other benefits of breastfeeding, outside of the many health benefits for Me and Owlet.

First was cost. Previously i just made the assumption that breastfeeding would be cheaper, but for this post i calculated the main costs of formula feeding an infant for 1 year, it shocked me that just the main, obvious costs amounted to almost £600 in that first year alone!!! Breastfeeding would mean more money for Owlets savings account 🙂 (see here: https://sleepymummyowl.wordpress.com/the-financial-cost-of-formula-feeding-an-infant-until-12-months-of-age/  for exact info)

Whilst calculating that I realised just how good for the environment breastfeeding is… There’s no plastic production for bottles and sterilisers, no water needs, no constant electricity usage for kettles and bottle warmers and  no waste from the manufacturing process.

When Owlet did arrive, i have no doubt that breastfeeding heightened our bond. Within hours i understood her, and could pick up on her cues. Now I’m not for a second saying that mums who formula feed don’t bond, however i do believe that breastfeeding Owlet gave us a stronger bond, quicker!

When Owlet wasn’t thriving, i knew something was wrong, I’ll go more into that story another time, but eventually we realised she had multiple food allergies. If at that point I’d decided to give up breastfeeding, she would have needed special formula costing the nhs in excess of £20 a week for the whole first year of her life. Add that to the fact that my risks of cancers are reduced, Owlet is less likely to suffer as many childhood illnesses, and you realise that breastfeeding saves the nhs an awful lot too! And a less strained health service helps everyone!

For us, breastfeeding is best for Owlet, me, our family as a whole, our wallets (Owlets bank account), the environment the NHS and society.

And that’s only the things this sleep deprived mummy owl can think of right now 🙂